3D Mini-JetFight

3D Mini-JetFight 1.2

Jet fighting fun


  • Great simulation
  • Lots of planes and weapons


  • Can feel difficult to control at first

Not bad

Take to the skies with this flight-simulation and shoot down all those bogeys that you can lock onto. The graphics are great and with various camera angles tracking your flight you can watch yourself swoop through the air on the tail of all those baddies.

There are several planes to choose from including an F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon and Su-27 Flanker.

From the pilot's view the control panel's need to keep the plane in the sky can seem a bit intimidating but once you start clicking through your various weapons and accelerating it becomes very good fun.

Only an exercise mission is available in this trial versio but it has all the feel of a real simulator. Try it out and see if you're ready for a full mission.

Attack the enemies in a beyond-visual range combat by locking targets and launching missiles. Fire your cannon and shoot enemies down in close-in dogfighting.

Attacking the enemy is only half the job - surviving the mission is the other half. Launching the missile lures (flare for IR-homing missile, chaff for radar-homing missile) can attract approaching missile away from your aircraft.

Executing abrupt manoeuvres will also help to get rid of missile's track. Head-Up Display (HUD) provides you with comprehensive flight information from altitude, air speed, heading to pitch angle.

Various camera views are elaborately designed, some view let you enjoy the splendid visual effect, some are helpful to locate those sneaking enemies.

3D Mini-JetFight


3D Mini-JetFight 1.2

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